A Photographic Record of Home

We would like to thank the organisers of, and all the delegates to the Visualising Home conference held at the University of Cumbria, Carlisle, 13-14 July 2017. The workshop took place on Friday 14 July 2017. These are some of the poems created during the workshop, and some of the participants’ photos:


Reflecting on the stillness of home

Neither here or there

Neither now or then

Constant through change

I’ve arrived.


poem by Katrin Joost, Emma Lambert, Melanie Letoré, Caroline Molloy.



Hatched on a golden day
Held, remembered, cocooned
You’ve gone now
But I still wonder
Reflected, eaten or hatched?

poem by Debby Akam, Grace Gelder, Natasha Rivett-Carnac, Sally Waterman.