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Sound recordings of the Western and Eastern European journeys installed at “The Noise of Europe” conference in Den Haag, 18-19th January 2018

The Poems and their Translational Journeys

Posters of the Eastern and Western European Journeys, designed by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco
Britain – France – Spain – Britain

Poet Deryn Rees-Jones wrote a poem called “HOME” based on the two workshops in Hereford and London.

Artist Kate McMillan made a film translation of Deryn Rees-Jones’s poem.

Artist, poet and translator Elise Aru translated the British poem about ‘home’ into French.

Translator Timothy Mathews translated Elise Aru’s version back into English.

Artist Benoît Laffiché made a film version of Elise Aru’s translation.

Translator Silvia Terrón translated Elise Aru’s version of the poem into Spanish.

Artist Domingo Martínez made  a film version of Silvia Terrón’s version of the poem.

Poet and translator Noèlia Diaz Vicedo translated the travelling poem from Spanish back into English.

Artists Heather Connelly & Belén Cerezo made a film translation of Noèlia Diaz Vicedo’s version of the poem.

Poland – Romania – Britain – Poland

This journey was organised in collaboration with our partners in Poland: Joanna Kosmalska and Kasia & Teodor Ajder.

Poet Rafał Gawin wrote a poem called “DOM.KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE SĄDOWYM” based on the workshop he co-led with Joanna Kosmalska in Lodz.

Artist Zuzanna Janin made a film version of Rafał Gawin’s poem.

Translator Anna Hyde translated Rafał Gawin’s poem into English.

Translator Teodor Ajder translated Rafał Gawin’s poem into Romanian

Artist Ghenadie Popescu made a film version of Teodor Ajder’s translation.

Translator Jozefina Komporaly translated Teodor Ajder’s version into English.

Artist Sally Waterman made a film version of the English translation.

Translator Marta Dziurosz translated the second English version of the Polish travelling poem back into Polish.

The poems and their translations including a collection of translations created during Home on the Move workshops, newly commissioned translations and our own multilingual translations have been published in our anthology Home on the Move: two poems go on a journey.

Some photographs of exhibition artefacts