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Sound recordings of the Western and Eastern European journeys installed at “The Noise of Europe” conference in Den Haag, 18-19th January 2018

The Poems and their Translational Journeys

Posters of the Eastern and Western European Journeys, designed by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco
Britain – France – Spain – Britain

Poet Deryn Rees-Jones wrote a poem called “HOME” based on the two workshops in Hereford and London.

Artist Kate McMillan made a film translation of Deryn Rees-Jones’s poem.

Artist, poet and translator Elise Aru translated the British poem about ‘home’ into French.

Translator Timothy Mathews translated Elise Aru’s version back into English.

Artist Benoît Laffiché made a film version of Elise Aru’s translation.

Translator Silvia Terrón translated Elise Aru’s version of the poem into Spanish.

Artist Domingo Martínez made  a film version of Silvia Terrón’s version of the poem.

Poet and translator Noèlia Diaz Vicedo translated the travelling poem from Spanish back into English.

Artists Heather Connelly & Belén Cerezo made a film translation of Noèlia Diaz Vicedo’s version of the poem.

Poland – Romania – Britain – Poland

This journey was organised in collaboration with our partners in Poland: Joanna Kosmalska and Kasia & Teodor Ajder.

Poet Rafał Gawin wrote a poem called “DOM.KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE SĄDOWYM” based on the workshop he co-led with Joanna Kosmalska in Lodz.

Artist Zuzanna Janin made a film version of Rafał Gawin’s poem.

Translator Anna Hyde translated Rafał Gawin’s poem into English.

Translator Teodor Ajder translated Rafał Gawin’s poem into Romanian

Artist Ghenadie Popescu made a film version of Teodor Ajder’s translation.

Translator Jozefina Komporaly translated Teodor Ajder’s version into English.

Artist Sally Waterman made a film version of the English translation.

Translator Marta Dziurosz translated the second English version of the Polish travelling poem back into Polish.

The poems and their translations including a collection of translations created during Home on the Move workshops, newly commissioned translations and our own multilingual translations have been published in our anthology Home on the Move: two poems go on a journey.

Click the links below to listen to Manuela’s and Ricarda’s translations of “Home”. Both translations were made at the end of the poem’s journey once we had listened to, read and watched all the verbal and filmic translations.

Manuela’s Italian and English translation of “Home”
Ricarda’s German and multilingual translation of “Home”
Margaret Adkins’s version of “Home”, from Noèlia’s Catalan version of “Home”

Some photographs of exhibition artefacts

Artists’ reflections on Home

Below are reflections by some of the artists and translators who took part in the project, on home, on translating and on collaborating with one another.

Elise Aru reflects on the texture of home

Noèlia Díaz Vicedo’s thoughts on translation, collaboration and the language of home

Joanna Kosmalska on the Polish journey and on translating ‘Home’