Citizens of Everywhere

In response to Theresa May’s ‘citizens of nowhere’ conference speech, Citizens of Everywhere is a multidisciplinary project led by the University of Liverpool that aims to generate dialogue and response to recent political shifts in Europe and America.

Centre for Brexit Studies

Housed in the School of Law at Birmingham City University, the Centre for Brexit Studies  is an academic facility which supports and encourages the existing work on Brexit within Birmingham City University’s schools and faculties. The Centre has various streams, including European Cultural Identities, Creative Focus, Climate Change and the Environment.

Goethe Institute – Debate: Home, Identity, New Diversity

Is your place of origin synonymous with your homeland and with your sense of identity? Or is globalization truncating all of our roots? Nora Bossong, author, and Igor Levit, pianist, debated this point of intersection for the Goethe Institute’s Digital Discourse initiative. Their digital correspondence was postage-free – and is still open for your opinions, rebuttals and questions, in the comments box on this page or on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #freepost. Geraldine de Bastion, who moderated the debate, included audience comments in the exchange.

You Are Welcome

YOU ARE WELCOME is a collaborative project of 13 partner organisations which endeavours to connect new arrivals, third country nationals residing in the countries involved in this project and native citizens. The partners are committed to support migrant and refugee integration, community development and deconstruct the process of migrant’s stigmatization.

Migration Museum Project

The Migration Museum Project is increasing knowledge and appreciation of how migration has shaped Britain across the ages through events, exhibitions, an education programme, a UK-wide network of museums and galleries, and the creation of a permanent Migration Museum.

The Polish Diaspora in the UK – Virtual Archive

Poles in the British Isles. Migrations in Literature and Culture is a virtual archive that attempts to demonstrate how post-accession migrations of Polish people to the British Isles have influenced contemporary literature and culture. The Archive is divided into three main parts: Literature, Culture, and Critical Texts.

The Poetry Translation Centre

The Poetry Translation Centre translates, publishes and tours contemporary poets from Africa, Asia and Latin America. It aims to introduce new audiences to leading poets from around the world and celebrate the diverse communities who live in the UK.

At home in the UK

There are an estimated 3.3 million (non-British) EU citizens living and working in the UK. Many have lived here for decades contributing on every level and in every sector of British society. They have married, built families, businesses, followed careers, retired, and call the UK their home.  Following the  23 June 2016 Referendum, their future remains uncertain. This project was set up by British photographer Alice Whitby to bring EU citizens personal stories to the public’s attention and put a face and a name to the 3 million figure.

Hidden Stories, Shared Lives

Hidden Stories seeks to unpack the stories behind the migration statistics in Cumbria and understand migration in a human, historical and global context.  Over the course of the next year Hidden Stories will compile an oral history archive on the theme of migration which will be the basis for a special exhibition and learning resources that will be accessible in libraries, museums and schools.

Who are we? Project

Who Are Wewas a collaborative, free 6-day cross-platform event which took place in March 2017, designed to facilitate the co-creation, co-production, and exchange of knowledges among artists, academics, activists, and diverse public around the multiple crises of identity and belonging in Europe and the UK. The week of activity has been specifically designed for Tate Exchange reflecting on identity, belonging, migration and citizenship through arts and audience participation.


The Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies in association with the University of Sanctuary initiative and the Leicester Migration Network is pleased to announce the 5th event of the LeCTIS 2017-18 Seminar Series.

Journeys in Translation

Participants: Ambrose Musiyiwa, Elvire Roberts, Liz Byfield, and Pam Thompson

 Venue: Belvoir Park Lounge, second floor of the Charles Wilson Building

 Time and date: 4:30 – 5:30pm, with a reception to follow until 6.00pm on Thurs 23 November 2017

About the event:

This event is free and open to all. People who have an interest in poetry, translation and migration will discuss some of the poems from the anthology Over Land, Over Sea: Poems for Those Seeking Refuge (Five Leaves Publications, 2015) that are being translated into other languages as part of Journeys in Translation, an initative which, through poetry and translation, aims to facilitate cross- and inter-cultural dialogue around themes of home, belonging and refuge.

For further information on Journeys in Translation, please visit the Journeys in Translation Facebook page or contact Ambrose Musiyiwa

Artists & Writers:

Alice Myers