Translating for Europe

Exhibition & Workshop: Home on the Move – Translating for Europe

Mini-Exhibition and Workshop at Noise of Europe conference
University of Applied Sciences, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 18-19th January, 2018

Workshop, 18th January, 15:00 – 16:30
We would like to thank the conference organisers and the University of the Applied Sciences in Den Haag for their generous support of the project.


We presented the poems and their linguistic translations in a temporary installation alongside a projection of the film translations and voice recordings, thus adding our own noise to the ‘Noise of Europe’.

Ricarda also led a workshop on the eve of the conference where she invited participants to explore their own notions of home via intersemiotic translation. We focused in particular on Kate McMillan’s art film of Deryn Rees-Jones’ original poem and participants worked on an intersemiotic translation of the film. Ricarda’s favourite proposal was to translate the film into a love song which should be nostalgic but at the same time look towards the future with optimism.



Sound recordings of the Western and Eastern European journeys installed at “The Noise of Europe”.