Talk/Workshop:Translation as Performance – a project of poetry, art & migration

Translation, Adaptation and Performance Research Group.

School of Modern Languages, University of Cardiff, United Kingdom

1 February 2018, 17:00-19:00

After discussing the conceptual framework of  Talking Transformations as well as ideas of translation and migration, an analysis of Deryn Rees-Jones’ poem “Home” was also undertaken.

Workshop participants were shown the filmic translations in the Western European Journey

“Home” by Kate McMillan (based on Deryn Rees-Jones’ poem “Home”); “Home-Chez Nous” by Benoît Laffiché, (based on the French translation of “Home” by Elise Aru “Chez-Nous”); “At Home” by Domingo Martínez, (based on the Spanish translation “En casa” by Silvia Terrón of Elise’s Chez-Nous); “Home Home” by Heather Connelly and Belén Cerezo (based on “At Home” by Noèlia Diaz-Vicedo, the English translation of Silvia’s Spanish version “En casa”).

After a short discussion, participants re-translated Rees-Jones’ poem using the filmic translations as point of departure.  Participants were encouraged to include different languages (their native tongue and their other languages, as well as the languages of others) into their translation, and to explore the artistic and performative processes that translation can engender.

The re-translation workshop highlights the non-linearity and plurality of the translation project and allows the audience to contribute to this artistic project with their own notions of “home”.