TalkingTransformations: poetry, art and translational migrations

a workshop for the students of the MA Translation Studies

facilitated by Dr Manuela Perteghella

School of Arts, University of Leicester.

Thursday 22 March 2018, 16:30-18:00

After a talk, during which the conceptual framework of the project Talking Transformations: Home on the Move were discussed, we read Rafał Gawin’s poem DOM. KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE SĄDOWYM [The home. A Structure on Trial] and discussed the notions of ‘home’ presented in the poem, with assistance from the two English translations (from the Polish by Anna Hyde) and from the Romanian by Jozefina Komporaly. Participants were then shown the visual, filmic translation by Zuzanna Janin (based on Rafał Gawin’s Polish poem ‘THE HOME: A STRUCTURE ON TRIAL’); ‘CASA. CONSTRUCȚIE ÎN PROCES DE JUDECATĂ’ by Ghenadie Popescu(based on Teodor Ajder’s Romanian translation of Gawin’s poem). ‘Home. A Structure on Trial’ by Sally Waterman, (based on the English translation by Jozefina Komporaly of Teodor Ajder’s Romanian translation of Gawin’s poem)

In groups, students took part in a re-translation workshop using the filmic translations as point of departure.  The workshop enabled them  to include different languages (their native tongue and their other languages, as well as the languages of others) into their translation, and to explore the artistic and performative processes that translation can engender (through poetry, spoken word, performance, drawings).

These are some of the translations created by the students:

To you it looks like red brick walls
And that is certainly true
Listen to it and hear its call
Although it might sound differently to you
But feel what it feels like to me
It is far beyond of what you can see
It is where I start and end my day
It remains the same every day
The shadows dance and play with the light
It is my haven by day
And my shelter by night
The cracking floor beneath my feet
Is such a familiar sound to me
And where the doors open and close
There are memories of me and you
You never leave
You never cease
You will be always be
Home was, is and always will be

Poem-translation of Sally Waterman’s film, written by Martina Njezic, Juan Duque, Ingrid Estefania, Fuentes Robles, Wei YING, Yin Yan



Translation into drawings, poetry and spoken word of Zuzanna Janin’s film by  Randa Alnajar, Amo Singh Lall, Meryam Al Khudhair, Morgan Onuorah, Voula Lymperopoulou, Anna Milsom.