Workshop with poet Rafał Gawin: The impact of contemporary migrations on our perceptions of “home”

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Thursday, 13 July 2017, 6pm – 8pm
Dom Literatury in Lodz, 17 Roosevelta St., Lodz
Hosts: Joanna Kosmalska and Rafał Gawin

Join us for a literary workshop which is part of the Talking Transformations project. The event is organized by Dom Literatury, King’s College London and the Department of British Literature and Culture, University of Lodz.

A poster made by participants of the workshop. Photograph by Joanna Kosmalska.

We would like to discuss how our perception of “home” has changed in a time when Europe has been challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migrations. Since the notion of home is a linguistic concept, we will begin by examining it in relation to our mother tongue, foreign languages, and translation (not only the translation into another language but also into another medium, for example image, film, etc.). Then through a series of short practical exercises, we will analyse how the notion of home takes on new meanings in different contexts. For instance, we define it differently in emotional, linguistic or cultural contexts. Next we will look at how our understanding of home has been affected by contemporary migrations, those within and from outside of Europe. The workshop will end with a creative writing session, during which we will turn our conclusions into a poetic form to send them into an “artistic migration.”

The poet Rafał Gawin will use the material produced during the workshop to write up a poem about home. The text will be subsequently translated into English and Romanian, next from Romanian into English and finally from English back to Polish by Polish migrant writers who currently live in the UK. In the meantime, the artist Zuzanna Janin will “render” the poem into a short film. The artwork generated this way will be exhibited at international festivals, workshops and the project website, and later published in a book form.

The workshop you are cordially invited to attend will lay the grounds for this substantial undertaking.